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Shopping process

Coupon usage rule 
1. only one coupon can be used for an order (discount cannot be superimposed) 
2., the amount of a single order meets the conditions, you can use the designated coupons. 
3. coupon, please use within the validity period, expired invalid. 
4. coupons will be issued by secret, please keep it. 
5. coupons do not change, no refund cash coupon cannot be used in conjunction with gift vouchers. 
6. the invoice is not included in the invoice amount. 
7., the specific use of coupons, see the activities of the rules, different coupon rules are not the same. 
8. order, use the coupon, cancel the order, cancel the order, return the account, you can use it again. 
9. the order will be returned after using the coupon, and the original coupon will be returned to the account if it is still valid. It can be used again. (if the coupon has passed, the validity will be cancelled and no longer returned to the account) 
10., if you receive the coupon code (16 digits random), you need to log in to the IDX love guest site and activate the membership center before you can use it. 
11. promotions: 
A. full cut activities 
50 yuan and more than 300 yuan (including 50 yuan and 300 yuan) coupons available, and the remaining amount of coupons during the event is not available. 
A. special shoes 
300 yuan and more coupons are available, and the rest of the coupon is unavailable. 
A. mail activities 
During the event, as long as the coupon conditions are met, they are available. 
Coupons are not available during promotions.