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DPA5 Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 Without Bluetooth DPA 5 Truck Diagnostic Tool Software Installed Well In CF19 CF-19 Laptop I5 CPU 4GB RAM Direct Use
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Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 Descrition: 

Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 is designed to help manufacturers diagnostic the fault of trucks,trailers, buses and light commercial vehicles.It covers multiple systems and widely used, it's user friendly.Dear,born Protocol Adapter 5 is an proferssinal tool for the maintenance of the commercial vehicle manufacturers.It covering all critical systems, including engines,transmissions, brake warning device, comfort, safety, emissions, air suspension, trailer and maintenance,to provide in-depth functionality for each application. It is based on the DS tool technology,it can use for the following hardware platforms: PC, Pocket PC (PDA) or netbook (UMPC,also known as Ultra Mobile PC),and provide information update for customers by regularly upgraded the supporting software.

Softwares installed well in laptop, full set is ready to work!


Heavy-Duty Truck Diagnostic Applications:

VOL,,,VO TRUCK: FM10, NH565, FH12, FM12, VHD, FH16, FM7, VN, WC, WG, WI, FH565, NH12, FL6, FL7,FL10, FL12, NH525, WX, COMP04, FE, VHD, FH, FM, VM, FM9, F10, F12 , F16, NL10, NL12

V,,OL,V,O BUS: B10B, B10M, B10L, B10R, M10R, B12, B58, B6, B7R, OLYMPIAN, SUPEROLY,B12B, B12M, B12R,B6R,B7L,B7R,B9L,B9R,B9S,B9TL,PREVH,PREVX,

MACK TRUCKS:V-MAC I,  V-MAC II,  V-MAC III,  V-MAC IV, Service Diagnostic


Wheel loader: L110E, L110F, L120E, L120F, L150E, L150F, L180E, L180F, L220E, L220F, L330E, L350F, L60E,L60F, L70E, L70F, L90E, L90F

Artic,,ulated Hau,ler: A25D, A25E, A30D, A30E, A35D, A35E, A40D, A40E, T450D,Excavator: EC135B, EC140B, EC140C, EC160B, EC160C, EC180B, EC180C, EC210B, EC210C, EC235C, EC240B,EC240C, EC290B, EC290C, EC330B, EC330C, EC360B, EC360C, EC460B, EC460C, EC700C, EC700B, EC700C,ECR145C, ECR235C, ECR305C, EW140B, EW140C, EW145B, EW145C, EW160B, EW160C, EW180B, EW180C, EW200B,EW210C, FC2121C, FC2421C, FC2924C, FC3329C, PL4611

Gra,d,er: G710B, G720B, G726B, G730B, G740B, G746B, G780B, G930, G940, G946, G960 , G970, G976, G990

Na,vi,star:  ALL Dia,mond Logic Builder (DLB) ServiceMaxx

Int,,ern,a,tional: ALL Intune, MD32,

Fre,ig,htli,,ner:  ALL ServiceLink:cascadia,century,columbia,Coronado,classic,FLDSD,4900FA,4900SA,4900EX.

Heavy-Duty Truck Diagnostic Engines:

* D,etroit Diesel Diagnostic Link? (DDDL)

All DDEC VI equipped engines ,DD13,DD15,DD16,SERIES60,MBE4000,MBE900,and RS9, RSX9-A,RSX9-B, RSX9-R, RS10, RSX10 J1939 engine ,brake level for Series 2000 and 4000 Engines with USA and ISO firing order selection

* Cat;erp;illar (on high way engine for j1939)  

3126, 3406, 3306B, 3512C, C4.4,  C6.6  C7   C9  C11,  C13

* Cu,m,m;;;ins  INSITE7.6  insite7.5

* Transmissions Brakes

1. M,eritor  WABCO toolbox

    D and E Versions ,HABS, hpb, ESC, RSC, ECAS

2. Bendix? ACom? Diagnostics

    EC-17T, Generation 4 and 5, EC-30T, EC-60T (standard, premium and advanced), A-18T,MC-30T and the  trailer antilock braking TABS-6 unit

3. Meritor  ZF

4. Eaton Service Ranger

    Vor,ad VS-400 Collision Warning System

   Generation 2 Auto shift and Ultra shift Transmissions

   Generation 3 Auto shift and Ultra shift Transmissions

   Ultra Shift PLUS Transmissions

   Lightning Transmissions

   Hybrid Drivetrain Systems

5. Allison DOC





Support more software update !!!

 PC-to-Vehicle Interfaces

 API Support:



  supports Windows xp and windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit and windows CE compliant

Not all applications are included. If compatibility confirmation is required, more information is needed, or there are questions about an unlisted application, please contact your dealer,he will send E-mail to us,. A specialist will help you make the right choice.

Protocol Coverage:

CAN - J1939/CAN125/CAN250/CAN500/CAN1000

2nd CAN - J1939/CAN125/CAN250/CAN500/CAN1000

J1587/J1708    J1850   J2534

ISO 15765 (Diagnostic CAN)

ISO 14230 (KWP2000 over ISO9141)  ALDL ATEC 160 (160 baud)


Software Interface Capability(Includes DVD)

Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link  7.05

Cater..pillar  Electronic Technician  2010B

Cu..mm.ins Insite  7.5 (windows XP and 7), inste 7.6 ( only for windows 7 )

International - ServiceMAXX Fleet Pro

Vo.l..vo PTT 2.40

VC....ADS /Elite Mack/Volvo  2.35

V-MAC Service Tools

Allison DOC? For PC-Service Tool - Protocols Supported: J1939, GMLAN, J1708/J1587, J1850, and   


Allison DOC For PC (AED) - Protocols Supported: J1939

Allison DOC For Fleets (1000/2000) - Protocols Supported: J1939, J1850, GMLAN

Allison DOC For Fleets (3000/4000) - Protocols Supported: J1939, J1708/J1587

Eaton ServiceRanger 3.2

Bendix Acom

ZF-Meritor TransSoft  / WABCO Toolbox

International ABS

International DLB

International Intune

Intern,ational IPC v2.02

Per,,kins EST Diagnostic Interface  2010


Cables and Accessories (Kit)

Kit Includes (6 Cable):

1X DG-DPA5-YDUALCAN            

1X DG-DPA5-9OBDII_Vo,,lvo    



1X DG-DPA5 KOMATSU         

1X DG-DPA5-3Pin_Deutsch  

1X DG-OBDii-o-Cable         


1X 500GB HDD (Software)

1X CF-19 Laptop (I5 CPU 4GB RAM, second hand)





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